Friday 10 May 2024


Congratulations to our partners from Israel for their winning entry "The Sun Will Shine" to this year's contest!


  • 1 Israel 196
  • 2 Iceland 168
  • 3 Uzbekistan 122
  • 4 Slovenia 113
  • 5 Ukraine 98
  • 6 Italy 94
  • 7 Austria 81
  • 8 Norway 77
  • 9 Turkiye 74
  • 10 Poland 63
  • 11 Germany 54
  • 12 Estonia 53
  • 13 Slovakia 49
  • 14 Belgium 47
  • 15 Basque Country 36
  • 16 Spain 31
  • 17 Lithuania 30
  • 18 Bulgaria 28
  • 19 Malta 28
  • 20 Greece 17
  • 20 The Netherlands 17

Further participants (in alphabetical order):
Czech Republic, Croatia, Cyprus, Finland, Latvia

Voting Conference

Friday 3 May 2024

Ukraine - Obiimy

Wars create situations when feelings of loneliness, fear, stress and grief become an inseparable part of our lives. These feelings can ultimately be harmful for all the humans but especially, they are dangerous for kids.  At the same time, a wonderful hug from a family member or friend will be more than handy. Schoolovision is like a big friendly family!!!!

That is why this year we have chosen the song “Obiimy” to embrace all the children who need hugs of love and support and those who experience wars in their countries and those who know what wars are. We would like to be hugged and to hug everyone who needs it. We would like to share this “happiness hormone” with you - our friends and partners. Thank you for your support for Ukraine! We are more than grateful! Let’s stop wars!

Somewhen comes the day,

And war will be over,

Where I've lost myself,

Seen it all to the bottom.

Hug me, hug me, hug me

So tenderly and never let go,

hug me, hug me, hug me

Let your spring come again.

Malta - Pizzi Pizzi Kanna

"Pizzi Pizzi Kanna"
 is our song for this year’s Schoolovision edition.
The title of the song refers to a traditional Maltese game played by children in olden days. The chorus is a combination of traditional Maltese songs sung both by young and old for generations.
Recently, everyone is talking about well-being as the golden rule for a healthy lifestyle. When all the world is endorsed in screen time, we must all find time to socialise and play together and give technology a little break every day. This is good for our mind and well-being. That is why we decided to share some games with you.

The Netherlands - Een lange weg

A Long Road Ahead – Hollywood in de klas – lyrics

A long road ahead
We are going to set off
It’s a little strange
It’s an end and also a start

Pré- chorus
The time flies by and now we’re free
To stand on our own two feet
A new place, a new beginning
It’s a start of something new

Shout from the rooftops: “We are gonna make it, ….let’s go!”
Going on our own journey, no one’s gonna stop us, …..come on!!
Everything hits different, there are so many changes
Little child’ren are gonna grow up
There’s still a long road ahead of us and now we’re going to go.

Many teachers, many subjects, so many people and don’t forget
Every classroom is in another spot.
Now we are looking back and express our gratitude
But now we just have to go
We’re waving our goodbyes and looking straight ahead

Shout from the rooftops: “We are gonna make it, ….let’s go!”
Going on our own journey, no one’s gonna stop us, …..come on!!
Everything gets different, there are so manny changes
Little child’ren are gonna grow up
There’s still a long road ahead of us and now we’re going at it!
….and now we’re going to go.

The Czech Republic - Hejbni kostrou

Greetings to all countries! This year we have chosen more exercises, so exercise with us.

Celé tělo skáče, skáče celý sál, kdo to vzdal teď v koutě pláče, no já tančím dál.
Celé tělo skáče, skáče celý sál, kdo to vzdal teď v koutě pláče, no já tančím dál.
I když ti to dneska nejde, aspoň zatleskej,nebo vrť bokama zas a zas.
Trsej sám a nebo ve dvou až to půjde snáz, kdo si troufá ještě jednou a překvapí nás?

Latvia - I'm the little one

 The song "I'm the little one" A song about a little kid who is determined to grow up big and mighty. Be the best version of yourself by doing good for others!

"I'm the little one" 

I'm the little one 
Quick up me 
Because the dough over the ditch
I will crawl quickly. 
I'm the little one 
I will stretch myself 
I for father, I for mother 
I will be taller.

I'm the little one 
Strong up me 
All mighty giants 
I can win. 

I'm the little one
Brave up me 
The great stone castles of the giants I can take it.
I'm the little one 
I will be the great lord
I will give the golden rooms then To my sister, to my brother. 

I'm the little one
I will become the ruler 
I will be the best person then I on the world.

Cyprus - Glorious Apollo

Song title: ‘Glorious Apollo’ by Samuel Webber

Sung by Class 5 children and teacher Taniia Strauss

The song is about the ancient Greek god Apollo who was the god of archery, music and dance, truth,

prophecy and healing, the Sun and light, poetry, and more.

Polyhymnia is the Muse of singing, mime, and sacred dance.

All these are essences living in the human soul, potentials that everyone can develop.

We build a temple with our hearts and hands to resonate with divine beauty and harmony…


Glorious Apollo from the high beheld us, wandering to find a temple for his praise.

Sent Polyhymnia hither to shield us, while we ourselves such a structure might raise.

Thus then combining hands and hearts joining, sing we in harmony Apollo’s praise.

Belgium - Night Adventures

The 46 final year pupils of Qworzó - Merksplas - Belgium are very proud to present to you the Belgian entry for Schoolovision '24.

Our pupils were challenged to create their own song under the professional guidance of the academy for music and stage arts.

In the song "Night Adventures", our students sing about the adventures they have at night when the sun is gone. Hope you dare to listen to our self-written song?

Be our guest, turn up the volume and sing along!


Hello there, come on in, this is our town.

Listen to the sound of hell and all around!

There’s no place to hide, we hear every sound!

Tiny bunny, little mouse, small world, big house...

Walking in the dark streets at midnight.

Are you still somewhere in here? Allright!

Graffiti-painted walls, creepy, old school halls,

in the moonlit alleys, where adventure calls.



My sneakers touch the wet ground as I run.

The hooligans are out in the sun!

We’re gonna hunt you down like we’re hunting outside.

No escape, great pressure and you can’t hide!


Walking in the shadows, where the streetlights dim

in the midnight hour, a secret within.

A symphony of sirens, far and near,

embracing the unknown, you’re spooked out in fear!

A big thank you to Academie voor Muziek en Woord de Noorderkempen 

Looking forward to reading your comments!

Good luck to all in this contest!

Kind regards,

Team Belgium

Estonia - Tabatinna

Although spring and warm weather have arrived even in Estonia, we welcome you all with a snowy melody.  

The author of the tune and lyrics is Riine Pajusaar, an Estonian musician.
Video is directed and filmed by teacher Kristi Toomra.
The song is about snow and cold. The word ‘tabatinna’ does not mean anything. 
It's gibberish, just for a nice rhyme.


Winter put, winter put a hat on its head;
Winter put, winter put gloves on its hands;
Winter heated up our tiny little room;
Winter allowed us to have snowball fights.


(labakinnas = mitten)
üks sula, kaks sula, talv on hea!

(one thaw, two thaw, winter is great!)

Winter made the elf fall down on ice;
Winter had Grandma nap in front the fireplace;
Winter enchanted a wonderful ice cap on the lake;


Winter built a high sledding hill.

Winter built wonderful snow piles;

Winter made the kids’ cheeks blush;

Winter boiled a pot of pea soup;
Winter pushed the first Snowman upside down.


Croatia - Šećer na kraju

Hello from Virje, Croatia.

This year we have a song about friendship.

Here is translate to English


Sugar at the end  

Sugar at the end as in heaven our song is  

Aware of helping our song will be 

And that's why we will always be united  

We can be friends together 

We can create an ideal circuit  

To unite rock and pop  

Quick and easy for every student  

The song gives you wings ,sing with us now  

Make many happy with your kindness  

We will enrich with a more beautiful life  

And that's why we will always be united  

We can be friends together 

We wish everyone a lot of success and fun !